For adults overseeing the quiz

Getting children Sun-Sorted!

Sun protecting children can be tricky, however with just one blistering sunburn doubling the chances of melanoma in later life, it is important.

We believe that getting children to discover exactly why they need sun protection helps, inspiring them to take responsibility, and build good habits naturally, as well as making your job easier! With the help of leading experts, we have developed the Sun-Sorted! quiz, designed for KS2 children, it contains 13 multiple choice questions, with amazing facts about the sun, their skin, and their environment.

Quizzers get their own rating on the solar scale after finishing the quiz, which they can look to improve each time.

For those taking the quiz

Are you Sun-Sorted!?

Sun protection is a bit like cleaning your teeth, it’s a habit you need to develop, and in this case, for the health of your skin.

To build good habits, it is important for you to understand why sun protection is important, so we have created the Sun-Sorted! quiz, just for you! Complete 13 multiple choice questions to discover some amazing facts about the sun and our skin, find out where you sit on the solar scale, aiming be a SOLAR SUPERPOWER!

Why not compare your knowledge with your friends, family, sports coach, leaders, and teachers!?

Solar Starter

You know the basics, but another try will get you to the next level!

Solar Student

You are on track! Ensure you keep up the good work!

Solar Whizz

You are sun-sational! Remember to put your learning into practice!

Solar Superpower

Amazing! Be sure to educate others with your knowledge!

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